About us

Mission and vision

Switch2move is one of the leading organizations that is committed to the well-being of older people. Particularly older people with dementia. Switch2move is committed to these groups by offering combined exercise programs with the aim of improving: physical functions, thinking ability and general health. Switch2move ensures lasting positive behavioral changes when following the sessions in a sustainable way!

In the Netherlands, the number of elderly people over the age of 65 is growing, which means that the number of people with dementia is also increasing. Exercise has an extremely beneficial effect on (older) people with dementia. It not only helps to control the symptoms of dementia, but also to delay the onset of dementia. In order to ensure that the brains of the elderly and the elderly do not fall asleep, it is important to understand the best method to keep the brain sharp and active. Firstly, according to the Dutch physical activity guidelines, moderate to intensive physical activity, for 150 minutes spread over a week, is important to guarantee the well-being of older people and people with dementia. Secondly, it is important to also stimulate the thinking level during the exercise activities. This prevents a faster deterioration of the memory. Switch2move is one of the few organizations in the Netherlands that has succeeded in adapting its exercise programs in such a way that they are suitable for both elderly people with and without dementia. There is sufficient challenge and variety within the sessions for both groups, which appeal to movement as well as stimulating the memory. Switch2move does this by combining dancing movements with different types of music & sound. During the sessions you will be challenged with different movement assignments and you will be included in your own creativity. People who have followed the Switch2move sessions already experience various positive effects within 3 weeks, such as less sadness, anxiety and restlessness. By continuing to do the Switch2move sessions (at home on location, in a group or alone) you will experience lasting improvements that will change your life in a positive way. The mission of Switch2move is that older people with and without dementia become acquainted with this method. To experience the benefits of these dancing sessions yourself.