The Art of Movement, Health & Wellbeing


We believe that dance and music contribute to the well-being and quality of life of the elderly.

Switch2move wants to create a better daily life for the elderly and in particular for people with health issues such as dementia and Parkinson’s. Switch2move gets people moving, using their own strength, so that strengths, weaknesses and needs are expressed in the movement. Self-direction and own strength are not self-evident for everyone. We guide people in this with the help of dance and music. Our active aging programs lead to physical, mental and social improvements.
Caregivers also see the effects themselves; more fun and connection, less stress.

Switch2move researches and develops methods, based on scientific studies, that combine dance and music very thoughtfully. Effective methods that we use both online and offline.


S2M Introduction Course 8 & 9 October 2022 Amsterdam

SWiTCH2MOVE (S2M) is one of the leading organisations in Netherland dedicated to the well-being of people with Parkinson's disease, Multiple Sclerosis and older people living with Dementia. S2M is committed to these groups by offering combined dance exercise programs...

Een theatervoorstelling bij je thuis!

De pandemie maakt ons duidelijk hoeveel we in het dagelijks leven vanzelfsprekend vonden. Het dwingt ons nu om dingen anders te doen, met een frisse blik en nieuwe aanpak. De voorstellingenreeks Grijs Gedraaid heeft als doel eenzaamheid te doorbreken en gezondheid ter...

Grijs Gedraaid – Luister, beweeg en ontmoet

SWITCH2MOVE en KAMERATA ZUID presenteren: GRIJS GEDRAAID Voor jongeren is het haast maandelijkse kost: naar een concert gaan. Voor veel ouderen is dit echter geen vanzelfsprekendheid. ‘Grijs Gedraaid’ biedt daarom een uniek programma voor ouderen aan waarbij muziek,...

Active Ageing at home!

Andrew Greenwood has developed a special training from SWITCH2MOVE to get, and keep, everyone moving. In this training, specially made for caregivers, Andrew guides you through videos, specially composed music, and clear instructions. The training is based on the SIM method developed by Andrew and is suitable for all ages. After following the training you can dance to music according to the SIM method. This method works on connection, balance, strength, improvisation, posture and self-confidence. While dancing you are helping the person you’re caring for discover his or her ‘self’, which increases self-confidence and self-direction.

Specifically for informal caregivers

It is difficult if your partner, family member or client has been diagnosed with dementia or Parkinson’s. Not only for the person himself, but also for you as a partner or caregiver. Contact and connecting is getting harder and harder and the days get more stressful.

It can be a challenge for many caregivers to provide sufficient exercise to the person being cared for. Especially in these times with COVID and all the lockdowns, it has become even more difficult to come up with activities. SWITCH2MOVE’s Active Ageing training ensures that you can enjoy moving at home, and even on the couch if necessary. The fact that you can move along with this yourself is a nice bonus! Learn how much fun exercise can be with Andrew, from the comfort of your home!

Scientifically proven

Research has shown how important exercise, and especially movement to music, is for the well-being of a person. The methodology Andrew has developed with SWITCH2MOVE is based on various studies. At the moment, Fontys University and Tilburg University are also conducting long-term research into the SIM method and its effects for people with early dementia, among others. The first results show that the SWITCH2MOVE method has a positive impact on both the well-being and the physical condition of the participants.

Soon, Active Ageing at home will be launched. Register now, without any obligation, and receive a discount of €50.-! You will receive the training “Active Ageing” for a reduced price of just €199,-. Use the button below to read more and to subscribe.

DansKunst Live

Dance program for people with dementia

Switch2move, Brain Research Center and BeBright invite you to participate in the creative movement session “DanceKunst”.

DanceKunst consists of various movement methods and dance exercises that stimulate physical, mental and social movement. The movements are easy to perform and clearly explained. You can participate from home via an online video connection.

The program is supervised by the well-known dancer and ballet master Andrew Greenwood, who developed DansKunst from his organization Switch2move. At the start of the DansKunst program, Dr. Niels Prins, director of Brain Research Center, provides insight into the positive effects of dance movements and music on our brains and well-being.

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