It is my great pleasure to emphasize the wonderful work that is being done by Andrew Greenwood and his team, as part of their dance for Parkinson program.

I am a strong believer in the benefits of dance for patients with Parkinson’s disease, and Andrew has done an impressive job in making this new therapeutic intervention accessible to Parkinson patients in increasingly many countries.

Prof. Bastiaan R. Bloem, MD, PhD

Medical director, Parkinson Center Nijmegen, Department of Neurology Radboud University Medical Center

The reason that dances is good for everyone is that dancing is nice and makes you feel good. The reason that a dance is good for Parkinson’s is that the rhythm of the music makes it easier for them to move.

With the program of Andrew the dancers are using nearly every muscle they have. The build up is very gradually with all kinds of music in different positions, sitting, moving up and down, standing and finally walking (dancing). They make movements which improve their balance, so they can do more than they think they can in normal daily life.

Moreover it is good in social aspects with a better quality of life. Andrew calls his pupils dancers and tells them there is no good or bad. Ballet dancers or teachers are accompanying patients who are less stable while standing or walking. So everyone will feel very comfortable in the trainings, which also improves the feeling of wellbeing.

So I am a fan of Andrew and a fan of Dance for Health

Dr. Agnita Boon

A.J.W, Erasmus, , Medisch Centrum Rotterdam

I have known Andrew Greenwood for several years in my capacity as a researcher of dance and Parkinson’s and as an education consultant.  I have seen Andrew work tirelessly and passionately creating a successful programme, Dance for Health and Parkinson, which he has done with integrity.  

His work in this area has influenced many people living with Parkinson’s, not just in The Netherlands where there have been many classes spring up, but also in Italy and Australia.  He has also influenced many teaching artists who have come to him to learn how to teach people with Parkinson’s.  

I have seen Andrew teach and without a doubt, he is one of the most inspiring dance for Parkinson’s teachers I have seen.  I have seen him inspire large groups of people to dance, who have little dance training and little facility to move.  His energy is infectious and the content of what he teaches is grounded in his artistic flair and in the scientific principles of effective movement.

I highly recommend Andrew to you as someone who would go down extremely well as an inspirational speaker with a successful track record in working as a pioneer in the field of dance for Parkinson’s in Europe.

Dr. Sara Houston

Principal Lecturer, Dance University of Roehampton


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